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How to Lead Like a Coach: Four Key Coaching Practices

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Karen Morley
May 14th | 1:00 pm AEST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What We'll Cover

Why you should coach

Understand how coaching fulfills fundamental human needs at work.

Why humility is core to coaching

Learn tactics to increase your humility as you coach.

How empathy is conveyed when you coach

Learn how you can increase your empathy and boost the level of trust and influence in your relationships.

What is most motivating?

Hear more about how you can increase your team's motivation with a simple daily practice.

Tips and tactics for increasing coaching moments

How can you do more coaching when there isn't enough time for everything else anyway? Get some simple tips.

Identify what you can do immediately to coach more

Leave the webinar with one priority action that you can start right now.


About Dr Karen Morley

Karen Morley is an Organisational Leadership Coach who works with executives and human resource leaders. Her vision is to amplify leadership impact. To empower leaders so that they are amplified not diminished, energised not exhausted, connected not fractured. That enables them to mobilise their full power, to unite effort, and to create value.

Karen appreciates that the work of leadership is challenging. Her career has been devoted to working with leaders to influence their development. She brings to her work broad experiences, top professional credentials, and a variety of perspectives. She’s a registered Psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works.

Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership developer, she’s held executive roles in government and higher education, and her approach is informed by her experience in these roles. Along the way, she completed a doctorate in leadership, and has published Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, and Lead like a Coach. She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and an adjunct Director at ANZSOG.

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May 14th
1:00 pm AEST