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How to Lead for Learning:

It's Safety First

Hosted by
Karen Morley
June 6th | 4:00 pm AEST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Why psychological safety is so important

You don't just need talent and capability in your organisation, you also need people to contribute their best. Find out more about why psychological safety is so important to achieving great results.

What psychological safety is

You'll learn more about what psychological safety is, and how it is both similar to but distinct from trust.

How to find out how safe your work climate is

Psychological safety and trust are both important, but they work in different ways. Find out how you can make the best of both.

How psychological safety contributes to learning

We'll explore how leaders can engage with their teams to actively promote psychological safety.

How to lead for psychological safety

Hear more about the three important steps for creating a psychologically safe workplace.

Identify actions you can take to improve psychological safety in your team

Leave the webinar with your own clear action plan for change.


About Dr Karen Morley

Karen Morley is an Organisational Leadership Coach who works with executives and human resource leaders to fulfill potential, make leadership more inclusive, and grow the coaching capability of leaders. 

Karen appreciates that the work of leadership is challenging. Her career has been devoted to working with leaders to influence their development. She brings to her work broad experiences, top professional credentials, and a variety of perspectives. She’s a registered Psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works.

Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership developer, she’s held executive roles in government and higher education, and her approach is informed by her experience in these roles. Along the way, she completed a doctorate in leadership, and has published Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, and Lead like a Coach. She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and an adjunct Director at ANZSOG.

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June 6th
4:00 pm AEST