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Why peer-based trumps top-down leadership

Hosted by
Karen Morley
November 19th | 4:00 pm AEDT | Show in my timezone

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Work tasks and their organisation are more dispersed than ever before.

Discover why peer-based leadership has the power to create significant advantage.

Top leadership would benefit from authorising great peer collaboration

So why don't they?

What does it take to increase peer-based leadership?

Learn more about the risks that stop leaders from developing stronger peer-based leadership.

How peer-based leadership can minimise power and competitiveness.

Learn how to refocus your relationship with power to promote peer-based leadership.


About Dr Karen Morley

Karen's vision is to help leaders get more impact with less effort. To be more successful and feel more satisfied. When leaders use their full talents, work smart and collaborate powerfully, they amplify their impact. Leaders and their teams become more productive, more motivated and more influential.

Karen appreciates that the work of leadership is challenging. Her career has been devoted to working with leaders to influence their development. She brings to her work broad experiences, top professional credentials, and a variety of perspectives. She’s a registered Psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works.

Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership developer, she’s held executive roles in government and higher education, and her approach is informed by her experience in these roles. Along the way, she completed a doctorate in leadership, and has published Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, and Lead like a Coach. She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne, and an adjunct Director at ANZSOG.

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November 19th
4:00 pm AEDT